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Specialty Doctor in Psychiatry Jobs (Formerly Staff Grade)

Are you a UK trained/part trained psychiatrist needing the flexibility or stability of a career (non-training) grade post, for personal, family, study or other reasons? Are you an overseas trained specialist psychiatrist, looking for a psychiatry career in the UK or your first psychiatry job in the UK?

The Specialty Doctor, is the unifying name for a non-training grade, or “career grade” post. In the UK Modernising Medical Careers Framework, “career post” describes a variety of positions formerly known such as staff grade, non-consultant career grade, clinical medical officer, clinical fellow, hospital practitioner, community medical officer, associate specialist, and many other posts created by individual employers. The Specialty Doctor Psychiatrist grade offers career opportunity to doctors requiring flexibility for family reasons, (mainly, but not always, women who need the flexibility to look after children or other relatives), setting up businesses, pursuing further study outside medicine, those whose consultant aspirations have been thwarted or postponed, those who do not want consultant responsibilities, and especially overseas doctors unable in the first instance to acquire a training post or a consultant post if on the Specialist Register already, though not having worked in the UK previously.

The Specialty Doctor post has clearly defined entry eligibility criteria, defined contractual conditions, salary scale and professional development and progression criteria. These are:

Specialty Doctor Entry Eligibility criteria: 

Full registration with the General Medical Council, with a Licence to Practice. Four years’ postgraduate training, two of which must have been in a relevant psychiatric specialty.

Contractual Conditions: 

A 40 hour working week, made up of 10 four-hour programmed activities covering direct clinical care, additional service responsibilities, external duties, and supporting professional activities.

There is a defined salary scale with clear progression criteria and a right of appeal if incremental pay progression is not granted. An additional 2%, 4%, or 6% of basic salary will be paid depending upon the frequency of on-call duties. Outside of 7 am to 7 pm on weekdays and for weekend work, a programmed activity will be for three hours—that is, out of hours work is paid at time and a third. There are specified terms and conditions of employment with respect to annual leave, study leave, maternity leave, travel expenses, flexible working, pension, etc, and an opportunity to work towards entry the specialist register or to transfer on to training posts. Contracted time is provided for continuing professional development and study leave—a minimum of one session for supporting professional activities for a full time doctor

Mind Professionals has on-going,  unique and direct access to Specialty Doctor Psychiatrist jobs, with Mental Health and Learning Disability service providers, who employ Speciality Doctors to work in their units across the country, Nationally. We will support you through the whole application and selection process, ensure your through understanding of the Specialty Doctor role and its benefits to your personal situation, assist with your preparation for interview, and advise you with immigration requirements as may be necessary for you to take up employment if successful.

Please contact us for further information, currently listed Speciality Doctor vacancies, and to register your interest for our support, please……

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