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Candidate Testimonials

Here are a few comments from our satisfied candidates. Some references are in extract form for confidentiality; full reference available upon request.

"I would heartily recommend Shane as a Senior Professional recruiter of impeccable reputation. I have found his approach to be very courteous, respectful and engaging. He has excellent inter-personal and communication skills whilst always maintaining a professional attitude and reliable stance during his interactions with clients"

"Shane is always eager to help and my professional dealings with him over the past four years have been most rewarding and satisfying."

Dr Oladimeji Kareem, MBBS, DPM, FRCPsych, MFMLM, MEWI

Consultant Psychiatrist in Intellectual Disabilities/CEO, United Consultancy Solutions (UMSSP LTD)

"I joined Mind Professionals when nearing the end of my Counselling Psychology training. I received such an efficient service from Shane Footman which meant I was employed in my ideal location very soon after my final exam! Shane is very personable and has been a fantastic support throughout the entire process. He made the paperwork side of the application as effortless as it could be i.e. HCPC registration, Work Permit, Contract etc. I would highly recommend Mind Professionals, in particular Shane to anyone seeking psychology employment."

Dr. Kate O'Sullivan - Counselling Psychologist (HCPC Registered)

I had the pleasure and luck of being recently recruited by Shane Footman of Mind Professionals. He is a very supportive and caring professional, who is able to potentiate naturally and effectively his candidates’ skills.

Locum work can be challenging and uncertain. Shane has the interpersonal skills to both deal with the uncertainty of locum work and to promote on his clients the sense of safety and the confidence to work in most productive way

Shane is really supportive and he is always there. By email, by telephone or by Skype, he finds the time (always!) to find a solution to the problems that occasionally appear.

Locum work could be particularly difficulty when it involves leaving our country and the life we are familiar with. I left Portugal two months ago am I am working now in the Isle of Man. Fortunately, with Shane and Mind Professionals those changes seemed natural (or at least not as scaring!) as well as the transitions to our new life and work.

Additionally, Shane is a highly organized and committed person.

These are some reasons that I offer high recommendations for Shane and Mind Professionals without any reservation.

Luis Simoes - Clinical Psychologist

"Locum work can be fun and also challenging and Shane has the interpersonal skills to both deal with the uncertainty of the work and also ensure that you as a candidate feel that your personal needs are understood.

He is very approachable and straight, which are important qualities. I have never felt that I have been mislead about any assignment and because of this I have worked with him for more than a year and have no intention of changing agencies.

I can always guarantee that he will be available to discuss anything which arises or any queries I might have. Shane has always been a very reliable and consistent consultant and I always know what is in the pipeline and any opportunities available.

Matching my skills set to the client needs is essential and also prevents any locum acting outside their competency. I have always had utmost confidence in Shane’s understanding of my own CV and requirements although he will also be comfortable pushing me to extend outside of my own comfort zone where appropriate. He has consistently matched my skills set to the client’s needs..

I would have every confidence in recommending Shane as an excellent Recruitment Consultant."

Sharon Collins - Consultant Clinical Psychologist

“I am honoured to recommend Dr. Juliet Whitaker of Mind Professionals as the finest recruiter I have ever worked with. I have worked with many recruiters both in the US and UK over the years and my experience with them has led me to conclude that I will not use any other recruiter except for Juliet. This is for too many reasons to list here, but the important ones are: The hallmark of Juliet's character is her honesty. This extends from those areas where we easily see it (in relationships and business transactions) to integrity of thought and action. She does not compromise her values, or those of her clients, for expediency or short-term gain. This is all the more impressive given the current difficult economic environment. Her exemplary professional manner – Juliet is one of the most pleasant persons you will ever meet or work with. She's forthright, but neither intimidates nor intrudes. She's open, friendly, and authentic--the Juliet you meet is the Juliet you get, without any surprises. Besides being a joy to work with, Juliet is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. I have never worked with a recruiter who gives as much attention to personal detail as she does. She listens and thus knows her clients well – in my case, sometimes better than I knew myself! Her willingness to take on difficult projects and see them to successful completion despite many obstacles has earned my deep admiration. Juliet and Mind Professionals have my unqualified professional endorsement and my deep personal respect.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information. Thank you.”

James R Álvarez PhD

"From the initial moment I contacted Mind professionals I realised that their service was completely different from all the other agencies I had contacted previously. Dr Whitaker continually demonstrated this by putting you at the forefront and calling you back whilst making sure that your professional needs were met and that a suitable job was found for you. When Mind Professionals finds you the right job (in my case it took them less than two weeks), they make sure they prepare you for the interview and give you all the adequate support they can. Their communication style is excellent and flows either via e-mail or telephone and is vastly different from the majority of agencies that neither call you back, or are not sure who dealing with your case.

Mind Professionals offers you a personal service that treats you as an individual and not a number whilst offering you the time and support that is required to find you jobs that suit your experience, qualifications and profession.

I strongly recommend Mind professionals above all other specialist professional agencies.

Mind professionals are definitely Forward Thinking People!

Tiago Pinto - Clinical Psychologist

"I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the help I have been given, and also to highlight a few things about Mind Professionals as an agency. Since my first contact with Mind Professionals, I have been positively surprised in how proactively they worked to meet my needs. They always showed the knowledge and the confidence to link my motivation with my skills and experience. All the consultants at Mind Professionals are always friendly and approachable, providing me with an on-going quality of service that ensures excellence.

The outstanding efficiency and competence is also related to their payment method, which is very accurate and on time, and also to their on-going support. There is always someone to ensure that my needs are being met. Once again, many thanks for your kindness."

Ana Oliveira - Clinical Psychologist

I recently relocated to the United Kingdom and had the fortune of having Juliet Whitaker from Mind Professionals as a placement agent. I found her thoroughly professional and efficient and as having a great sense of care and willingness to listen to my needs and concerns. She was always willing to engage with me at an honest and respectful level and I was particularly impressed with her connection to me as a human being and not only as another CV/candidate to be placed. She gave reflective and careful thought to job possibilities with due consideration to my previous training and experience. Juliet managed to make the transition into a foreign job market relatively painless and in good speed. I had some dealings with other agencies, but without hesitation would recommend Juliet above any of them!

Martin Liebenberg - Counselling Psychologist

Since joining Mind Professionals I have been impressed with the organisation's efficacy and quality of service. From the outset I have experienced a refreshingly professional approach characterised by ease of communication and evident attention to detail. Dr Whitakers' ability and willingness to deal with all aspects of my placement has left me fully supported to attend to my clinical duties. I am reassured that all contractual details are taken care of.

Mind Professionals staff have demonstrated a knowledge and understanding both of the discipline of Clinical Psychology and of my needs as a clinician within it. They have also provided support for my career path and continuing professional development.

I am impressed that Government Service and charitable organisations appear to have established working relationships with Mind Professionals. In my case, the quality of alliance between agency and client has been reflected to me by my colleagues in terms of their perceived value of my clinical work.

I wish Mind Professionals every success and support the agency with my full recommendation.

Dr John O'Connor - Chartered Consultant Clinical Psychologist

“Juliet Whitaker provided an absolutely excellent service. From the first point of contact she tried her best to understand my needs and job goals. Then, throughout the recruitment process she went over and above that which I expected by providing me with helpful tips, wisdom and conversation which saw me through to the point of receiving a job offer! I would recommend Mind Professionals to any Psychologist who has the kind of job they would like in mind and doesn't want to be pressurised into taking a job that is not right for them!

Emma Trenier - Occupational Psychologist

"Relocating to Manchester from London after clinical training was an exciting transition, but also one filled with slight trepidation. Shortly after emailing my CV to Mind Professionals I received an encouraging phone call from Dr. Juliet Whitaker. She enquired about my skills, listened to my needs and took on board the direction that I was planning for my career. Taking a personal approach, offering valued support and encouragement from interview preparation to the first stages of employment, Mind Professionals went beyond my expectations. Having worked in the NHS herself clearly sets Mind Professionals ahead of other recruitment agencies. I will definitely recommend this agency to other colleagues and if the opportunity were to arise again Mind Professionals would unquestionably be my first point of call."

Dr Amanda Dee - Clinical Psychologist

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