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Agency Workers Regulations (AWR)

Mind Professionals shall meet the requirement of the Agency Workers Regulations by working with Clients and Locum Candidates to establish and operate the following:

  • Comparator pay rates and benefits for the equivalent full time position.
  • Establish “Day One Rights” for locum candidates
  • Monitor employment history of locum candidates to determine qualifying status

Mind Professionals Expectations

Mind Professionals, where possible and where the client will facilitate, will pay the comparator rate but not including all related benefit from Week 1 through to Week 12 and beyond and thus simplify complication related to the qualifying periods. We will also facilitate the following:

Some of the protections rights applying to work seekers contained within the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003 are:

  • Identify the comparator rate (NHS frameworks will have standard rates defined)
  • Pay comparator rate from Wk1 – Wk12 and beyond
  • Determine duration of each assignment
  • Communicate AWR stance Mind Professionals has to the client
  • Support client to manage start and end dates and provide guidance
  • Provide induction checklist for client relating to day one requirements for locum
  • Clarify Client v Agency liability areas and responsibilities
  • Provision of a contact point in Mind Professionals for the client
  • Clarify and maintain previous employment history of locums to determine continuation status regarding the 12 week qualifying period.
  • Risk assessment for assignment to determine suitability of locum
  • Clarify any change of pay rates and conditions to locum after 12 week


Clients shall be asked to provide the following information to establish comparator pay rates, benefits, assignment details and collective facilities:

  • Comparator pay rate information
  • The local benefits on top of pay that will influence the comparator rate
  • Expected end date of the assignment
  • Information regarding day-one rights for the agency worker
  • Differences between week 1-12 and beyond week 12 comparators
  • Provision of a point of contact for agency workers

Locum Candidates

Genuinely self-employed or limited company contractors are out of the scope of the AWR and will be treated as such. Otherwise, we will ask locum candidates to provide the following information:

  • Provide history of temporary employment placements including client names, hospitals, trusts etc. and dates, job title, band
  • State minimum rate of pay to be accepted
  • Commuting distance willing to travel
  • Availability: days, times and shifts

Day One Rights

When a locum candidate begins an assignment, the day one rights available at the client organisation will be provided as follows:

  • Access to Client Internal Job Vacancies
  • Pregnant worker time off
  • Induction process
  • Appraisals (optional)
  • Collective Facilities i.e. canteen, car parking, crèche, drinks machines etc.
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