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About Us

Mind Recruitment forms the Recruitment Solutions element of the  three  service sectors operated by Mind Professionals, and aims to serve career mental health professionals  as well as  Healthcare Provider Service employers, with permanent and temporary staffing resource requirements.

For mental health career professionals, we provide a focussed, professional and one to one personal service to individuals as they progress through their chosen career development pathway. We seek to understand the type and style of career that an individual wishes to pursue and develop a path way with them, to achieve their end objectives - objectives  usually  based around one or more of the following:

• Academic and / or clinical professional development & training within their chosen profession, to achieve higher accreditation, specialist recognition with Service Lead level employment or independent consultancy

• Stability in permanent employment

• Career break management for personal study, additional qualification or other reasons

• Broadening of skills and clinical experience  by working with different patient and service user groups, in different service settings, either within rotational substantive employment, or successive locum placements

• Flexibility  for lifestyle or other commitments, of career or long term locum employment

Whatever their needs or aspirations, we partner with our  professionals to assist and develop their careers by creating a lasting and supportive relationship  whilst at the same time supporting our partner NHS, Private Sector, Military and Local Authority Healthcare Service Provider employers with much needed specialist  staffing resource, enabling them to operate, manage and develop their services to full potential for the benefit of their patients and service users.